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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by KeithL View Post


Let me put this to you: if we crash out of the EU or leave without a deal, we will lose most of what remains of the motor industry - they didn't come here to be on the outside again! - probably Airbus will pull out of N Wales (they have been talking about that for a while now). Is that what you want, or would be happy with? The motor industry employs around 700,000 people in the UK, most in suppliers. Is that a 'price worth paying'? (And, incidentally, don't tell me it won't happen; I worked in the industry for 37 years, and in high enough positions to know what I am talking about.)
Robots are coming and a lot of the jobs in the motor industry will be replaced, leave or stay. Companies will invest where the workforce are prepared to change and learn new skills. Quite a lot of the car factories in the UK are world leaders in output efficiency are you saying companies will not want the benefit of our skilled workforce and management ?

Will the EU just stop buying cars next year because they are made in the UK ? The remain politicians seem to think so but business people are more pragmatic. I suppose BMW and Mercedes won't want to sell to us either.

Project Fear continues we cant possibly survive in the big bad world.
Lets all be good little EU poodles and do as we are told, keep paying them lots of 's and let them make all our laws.

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