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Re: E-M1 not vs, but also D750.

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
The light changed significantly between these shots (just look at the shadow of the fly in the EM1 picture) which is why the Olympus shot seems to have horribly burnt out highlights and apparently much less dynamic range than the Nikon.

Conversely, the D750 was shot at f4.5 and the EM1 at f7.1, which is why the image from the Nikon appears to be less sharp.

I'm afraid there are too many inconsistencies in the way these shots were taken for there to be any meaningful comparison.
The Nikon Lens is sharpest at around 5.6. It's sterling for the centre 2/3 from about 2.8 - I'd presume the issue is DOF/shake rather than sharpness.- The Oly lens starts hitting diffraction up around those F 7+ apertures as the pupil is so small.

Yeh it's not a comparison, rather just two photos took with two different cameras!
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