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Re: E-M1 not vs, but also D750.

The whole process of photography is very complex and personal.

When I used a Leica R9 film camera with a digital back (DMR) I used to read so much about the so called "Leica Glow" and couldn't for the life of me either see it our understand it!

Many years have since passed as have many different digital cameras through my ownership. Sony full frame, Sony APS-C, Fuji X100, Fuji X-Pro 1, and of course my Oly E-M5, then E-M1 (x2). They all have had their idiosyncrasies but changes have largely occurred for changes in preferred subject types and/or an ageing owner/user.

However, recently I had reason to look back on my collection of exhibition and competition prints, all around the "old" traditional size of 16" x 12" print on a 20" x 16" mount. I haven't looked at them in this way for many, many years.

Guess what, I could immediately see the "Leica glow" not on all the prints made from the Leica camera/lens but on quite a large number. More interestingly I could see nothing like it on any of the prints from any of the other camera/lens types.

The Leica DMR's Kodak sensor was just 10 mpx versus the Sony FF at 24mpx, Leica R lenses vs Sony/Zeiss lenses.

This apparent "glow" seemed to be a clarity that is missing on all the other prints, all made with similar Epson high grade printers.

The counter to this of course is that the Leica lenses are all manual with no auto focus and with advancing years I could never go back to manual focus other than for macro work where modern cameras are so helpful with magnified views and focus peaking. My conclusion to all of this is that the best camera is the one that you enjoy using most!
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