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Re: New Brighton Sunset

Originally Posted by Ralph Harwood View Post
Hi there Steve / Keith!

Working from memory, the f-stop was f7.1, the shutter speed was something in the region of 1/1250th IS was on hand held. I think that in this case I used small AF point on one of the wind turbines before recomposing and waiting for the people to take the last few steps into alignment. However, I had considered the possibilty of the focus actually being at infinity, however that would have made the closest point of "acceptable focus" only a meter or two further away (4000m and infinity look pretty similar to a 17mm x 13mm sensor!)

I'm just really stumped as to why the sea looks out of focus when elements in front and behind look sharper. I was wondering if it is micro-reflections between the front of the lens and the back of the grad filter (they are pretty cheap grad filters of the flat plate variety) causing it to look out of focus - with shooting directly into the sun might this have the effect of spreading out the high-lights slightly?


Could be - also could be diffraction. A cheap grad filter may not be good from that point of view. Colour could come into that equation too! (i.e. of the light v the filter)

Another point - a cheap grad filter may be slightly granular perspex.
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