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Re: Juggling with fire and long flames


Love it !!

If the object of the day was to tell a story in a single image, you have succeeded!! This has it all.. a ring, spectators, jugglers, fire, drummers, the big dog, circus signage telling the viewer where you/they are, it is full of colour, sharp, well exposed and show movement very well.

In this case the image could NOT be improved.

The one thing I would do to this image without worrying too much or knowing which software you emphasise the fire/torches ... try and reduce what is happening behind the fire to highlight the beautiful shape the torches are making as they are thrown.

I would start by using a "blurring" tool to soften/fade the drummer /keyboard player( but not the flames) and work that effect a little to his left and right side.
You will need to zoom in really tight to fade the drummer//keyboard player only.

If you felt really could add some blurr to incorporate the chap standing by the curtain.

neither of these suggestions are detrimental to your original shot.

Wish I could have been there. Wish I had a nickname like Damien

Maybe we could give each other nicknames??
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