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Re: First impressions of the 25mm f1.8

I've just done a simple comparison test and the Panasonic appears to be a bit sharper in the centre until you stop down to f2.8 when they look pretty similar - at the edge the Panasonic is better until f5.6……….this is the set up

In this test i've used a tripod, set aperture priority, ISO100 and used the label inside the guitar sound hole as the centre and the Taylor label at the top of the guitar at edge…as I say a simple test.

Just my initial observations…I don't think this will matter in practical situations…I'm pixel peeping here (100% on the screen)…there is really not much difference from f2.8 onwards….at 50% on the screen (so the image is poster size - 16" wide as measured on my iMac 27" screen) you can't see much difference if any at all at f1.8. Contrast and colour look similar.
In conclusion - the Panasonic will be on ebay tomorrow!
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