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Re: First impressions of the 25mm f1.8

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Yes - lens hood included.

Oh - a small point, but some may think it's significant. Unlike most of the smaller Oly u43 lenses, this one's made in Japan - not China. This isn't a factor for me (in fact, my 45 is made in China), but thought I'd mention it.

PS - maybe this is why it's 1.5x the price of 45 !
Nah, the high price is all down to the lens hood - they are making sure you buy one of these ridiculously prices accessories instead of getting a much cheaper 3rd party alternative!

On the plus side your initial report is very encouraging and if your two pictures are anything to go by it's an absolute bargain - although of course you must take a little of the credit.

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