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Re: I agree with Mr Simpson

I have mostly bought and sold one here but have been a member for a long time and made some other posts here too. It seems to be a bit of an over reaction . Sure someone got a great deal decided not to keep the camera and then listed it at a higher price than he bought it. No big deal really that seller could have put it on ebay and made the same money even with ebay fees taken off. I have stuff listed here right now and on ebay but its a much lower price here and fairly hard to find too so surely thats a potential benefit to members.. If people buy and sell at a price they are both happy with then everyone should be happy. I once bought a lens off ebay for 12 and sold it for 150 back on ebay the next week! I am hoping to post in other sections over the coming months but life is very busy for me at the moment . I agree the trading should only be a small part of the site and it is. I buy / use / swap / trade a lot of Olympus gear sometimes I make some money sometimes I lose money I dont think thats a bad thing though!
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