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Re: Recommended next pruchase?

I will second the 45mm; it is a beautiful lens, small, light, incredibly sharp and not 'that' expensive compared to other Olympus lenses. I don't have the 12-40mm so I can't comment on how it compares. I do have the 12-60mm though and whilst it is a lovely lens, it is fairly heavy and slightly slow to focus so it wouldn't be my first choice for people.

I also have the 60mm which again is a lovely lens and still good for portraits but as has already been stated is fantastic for macro and therefore perhaps might be more useful long term if you wanted that capability and something that sits between the focal length of the lenses you already own.

I have the FL50r flashgun that I bought from a member here; it is great but I rarely use it, probably just twice now as I far prefer natural light. However it is a good investment even if it is bigger than my camera
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