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Old 24th November 2012
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EP2 in trouble

After owning about a dozen Olympus digital cameras, a brand new experience one of them has actually developed a fault!

Out with my EP2 yesterday with then Pana 14-42PZ lens, camera suddenly refused to switch off.

Took the battery out and took it home. Changed the lens for the 17mm camera worked OK. Put the PZ1442 back on and it worked OK again. Tried both lenses on the EP1 where both worked OK.

Checking through various functions I found that the Level Gauge is not working. The white gauge frames appear but no green bars. This may of course have no relationship with the lens problem.

I tried a reset but this made no difference.

Has anyone any suggestions about a fix for this?

I expect I will have to send it back to Olympus. It is only about 6 months old so it should be fixed under warranty.

I have fitted a smart black skin oh it. Should I remove this before sending it? If so, how?

I seem to remember seeing a video showing a hair dryer being used, but I cannot find it now.
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