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Re: Our MUNGO NP Experience

Originally Posted by pandora View Post
You must have loads of patience, Chevvy. How many children (kids ) do you have in your group ? And I will never know how you ever find time for photography, housework, shopping etc.,. You must be Superwoman !
I am up at 6.15am loo and clean house for the children - thats 4 vinyl floors in playroom, kitchen and front and back halls; then Milton spray floors and hoover rest of carpeted house (Nick has made breakfast and is in the bathroom ) ... I put the bottles/sterilizer in microwave foir 2 mins - then make up 3 bottles of boiled wter we have brekkers in bed : 6.30-6.40am Baby Arabella arrives (7months) ME shower Nick entertains her - I feed her - then I bath her & dress her for the day - clear up kitchen and prepare lunch Nick is feeding the dogs 7.45 Kit arrives age 2y6m ; we are all playing in the playroom Nicks making BLACK COFFEE for he & I .. 8am-9am the other 3 or 4 under 4 yrs arrive ... IF we are out for the day - Nick makes the picnic between 8am-9am.

Mark, I DO NOT DO SHOPPING hate it ... yesterday am Nick went to Makro hour each way (for BULK PURCHASES) pm he did our big weeks shop at Tesco - in one day 585 on FOOD

Photos when out with the Rug Rats or week ends when I sometimes "exercise" the steam genrator Ironing NEXT Sunday I have 3 weeks worth ... cannot see the spare sofa

Easy Peasy most women do this and juggle a family - we just have "family" a few days a week - and MOST NIGHTS OFF
I Lurve Walking in our Glorious Countryside; Photography;
Riding Ducati Motorbikes; Reading & Cooking ! ...

the ONE photo album
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