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Re: Our MUNGO NP Experience

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
A beautiful park and some great photos. There's no way I would get out my car with those emus about!
Yes indeed, I believe that emus can be quite aggressive but probably only when they're threatened. Ross may be able to confirm or deny whether that is so ... I think Ross knows all there is to know about Aussie flora and fauna !
Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
What a fantasicaly colourful place Australia is. I really enjoy your little travelogues Mark.
Thank you again, Phill. That is very gratifying to know.
Originally Posted by StephenL View Post
A wonderful travelogue, and (relatively!) close to Melbourne.
"Relatively" to where, Stephen ? Many years ago I lived in Mildura and drove to Melbourne and back once a week. It is a somewhat gruelling 6 hour drive. Mildura to Mungo is 107km, (say 65mi) but it is a corrugated boneshaker of a drive !

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