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CF Cards


I have an E-400 which I happily use a SanDisk 16gb 30mbps CF card. In RAW, it can take 724 images - perfectly happy with this. Figuring I need a back up CF card, I bought a Kingston ultimate 16gb/266x CF card. Having bought Kingston memory for the laptop, I trusted the brand.

When I put this into the camera, it tells me I can only take 723 images - ok, not quibbling over one image. But I'll be damned if I can then download the photos onto my laptop (running Windows Vista - totally jams the system up) or my new desktop PC running Windows 7 - if I try to view what's on the card via a card reader, it tells me I have to format the card! The only way is from the camera to the PC & it takes forever.

Anyone else had issues with any makes of CF card? Perhaps I should stump up some cash & get another SanDisk card...
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