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Darned Photoshop Content Aware tool... just makes a hash of it on times...

Hi All

I am practising using the content aware tool and just can't get it to do something simple.

Is anyone here an expert on the use of the Photoshop content aware tool...? I am trying to do something that is what I would consider an easy task for such an esteemed photoshop tool, but all it is doing is making a complete and utter mess of the attempt.

OK, I am sure it's 99.9% me and 0.1% photoshop - but nonetheless I am a frustrated bunny this morning. All I am trying to practice is how to remove the switch out of this image...

OK, it's not a final shot... but I have one that I want to remove something similar out of and want to practice on this. Is anyone willing to lend a hand and show me the best way to achieve this please?

Here's the result of...

Selecting the light switch using polygonal lasoo tool
Edit - fill - content aware



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