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Re: Is this the end for Ryanair?

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
You do wonder how they became so successful...
I suspect Ryanair's success is because they have been frontrunners in that great 21st century disease; the race to the bottom.

Like Amazon, Sports Direct, Costa and many others, Ryanair's fortunes have been made by cutting costs to the bone, by exploiting and underpaying their own staff, by declaring profits in Liechtenstein or wherever, and by generally providing a pretty crap service.

Nobody seems interested in quality, longevity or innovation any more; it is all about how cheaply we can buy things for, and how quickly we can get them. Just look on any online store: their biggest selling point is not the quality of service that they offer, nor the knowledge of their staff; it is how late at night you can place an order for next day delivery.

I have to say this all makes me fear for the future. Engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs have always made a living by creating new products and services, and then selling them; traditionally through high street stores and suchlike. But thanks to the internet bricks and mortar outlets are now dead, and will only sell popular products which can be guaranteed to sell within n hours or days.

It has now become virtually impossible for smaller businesses to sell online without using Amazon or eBay. At one time their charges were reasonable, but like Ryanair, having now monopolised the market their charges have become crippling, and will no doubt increase even further as their share of the market increases.

How much real innovation do we see from these box shifters other than creating new ways to save themselves money?

Amazon are now selling food, which doesn't fill me with particular joy; especially I hear that their delivery drivers have to take toilet breaks in buckets in their own vans as their delivery schedules don't allow them time to stop.

Amazon's aim is clear; to put all other retailers out of business, but how will we pay for their products without jobs, and how will governments (not just ours) support the unemployed whilst Amazon only pays taxes in Liechtenstein?

In short, what sort of world are we creating by supporting these outfits?

Naughty Nigel

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