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Re: Is this the end for Ryanair?

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
I vowed never to fly RyanAir many years ago and thankfully I've managed to stick to it.

The way they treat both customers and staff is appalling. There used to be a site on the internet some years ago that was basically a RyanAir employee whinge site. Some of the posts there were real eye-openers:

- Staff having to buy their own uniforms

- Staff forced to do work-related activities outside of formal on-work time resulting in effective pay-rates less than minimum wage

- Staff banned from using on-plane coffee/tea-making facilities even when there was no time during turn-arounds to leave the plane and get something in the airport
None of this surprises me. Indeed, for me, Ryanair's practices embody much of what I despise about the 21st century.

I watched a television documentary about Ryanair a year or two ago now, and apart from complaints about time pressures, the aircrew were rationed to one plastic bottle of water each per day. Anything beyond that had to be bought with their own money.

No wonder so many of them are bad tempered.

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