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Re: Is this the end for Ryanair?

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
One can only hope...

Easyjet were equally customer unfriendly when they started out, but Ryanair seem to have picked up the batten and driven quality right down...

We can only hope.
I personally resent being herded onto airplanes by bad tempered crew wielding electric cattle prods.

I have to say I have always found EasyJet more customer friendly than Ryanair. EasyJet have had some bad spells too, but nothing on this scale.

Originally Posted by Walti View Post
BA are far better and not that much more expensive...
In many cases BA is quite a bit cheaper for a much better service, and you can check in a bag at no extra cost.

Sadly though BA were threatening to reduce seat pitching to compete with Ryanair, so hopefully that can be reversed.

The budget airlines may have made air travel more affordable, but they certainly haven't made it any more pleasurable.

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