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Is this the end for Ryanair?

I have refused to fly with Ryanair for at least ten years now owing to their handling of my cancelled flight.

Basically, they cancelled my return flight from Italy at very short notice, and told me to go online to rebook at no charge.

That was easier said than done, as a); Ryanair's cabin baggage policy meant I couldn't take my laptop with me, and b); when I did get to a computer I found that the next available return flight (for the fare that I had already paid) was in six weeks time!

I therefore had no option but to pay an inflated price for a second ticket, and to reclaim my original ticket, which they made as difficult as possible.

It seems Ryanair's policy of only rebooking passengers on flights of equal or lower value is what has really angered people. In my case it was a one-off, but they are now doing this on an industrial scale.

BBC Ryanair Report

Michael O'Leary has also angered the CAA and the Irish government, and has openly said that "he wasn't going to pay for passengers to fly on other airlines" (which I believe it against the law).

The official line is that disruption has been caused by a backlog of pilots' holiday, but reading between the lines it seems that Ryanair pilots are fed up with their working conditions and are voting with their feet.

Could this be the end of the world's least favourite airline I wonder?

I really cannot imagine anyone wanting to book with Ryanair right now if there is an alternative - any alternative. The cost of running an airline without passengers is immense, so funds could dry up very quickly indeed.

Unfortunately, we have allowed Ryanair to create a near monopoly, killing off smaller competitors and monopolising the most popular routes. How will those destinations survive now?

Is this yet another monster that we have created?

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