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Re: Grass Snake

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
Quite like our UK snakes as generally they are harmless, and fun to seek out.

Would really be very cautious about your lot, though still interested...….

Remember my Dad killing a Puff Adder in Tanganyka (1950) by driving over it and breaking the car on it. They had a real fear of the blighter...…...

Do you get them coming into the house? I would draw the line there, not interested in close photo opportunities...………….
Good morning Mark, I have not heard of someone breaking their car over a snake, maybe he swerved. In general the snakes don’t come into the house but one does have to check the sheets and loo for the snake or the shoes for the spider and scorpion. We are lucky to have 2 Mongooses who go on the hunt early evening. Yes, we get the Mamba, King Cobra, Boom Slang and Puffy. The house at the coast is surrounded by thick vegetation and trees. When I go out to check the plot or lock up at night, I have to be always looking at the ground for the snakes or in the trees. Some of them will give a hiss! as a warning. If I see one, I give it a very wide birth. The locals associate snakes and bats with witchcraft and sorcery. Like your dad, they want them dead. But these days, if I tried something like that, I would make a mess of it and prefer to leave them alone.

Yesterday I went snorkeling and accidentally lost the mask and snorkel. Came off my head and sunk. I asked the rowing boat ferryman to keep a look out for it. I suspect it’s been lost for good.

A view from the verandah of the bush surrounding the house at the coast overlooking a today.

All the best

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