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Re: Guess the iso.

The problem with high ISO performance is that the subjective results depend on so many factors:

- The size of the output. Frankly at 1024px long side from an uncropped image I'd be surprised if any of the 16Mp Oly cameras struggle at 6400.

- The lighting. High ISO in good lighting always looks better.

- Sharpness - good glass and no motion/camera blur will yield an apparently cleaner image.

- Subject matter - even-textured surfaces will hide noise. Worst for noise is small sharp edges that we expect to be able to resolve - feather detail, eye lashes etc.

- Exposure - under exposure will punish you. ETTR will be your friend, but then you're shooting at an effectively lower ISO.

- Amount of PP. Any actions like shadow fill, sharpness enhancing, clarity, dehaze, increased saturation etc will quickly add noise.

- Mono - you can get away with murder in mono!

Personally, I think for landscape, cityscape, portraits and other more critical stuff then sticking to base ISO is the best strategy. Up to ISO 3200 on the mkii, well-exposed and with good glass is usually OK. ISO 6400 works for less critical stuff if you have to go that high, but large output will give it away.
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