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Flash Cable Meike MK-CB05

I've an E-3 and an FL-36. I bought an off camera flash cable secondhand made by Meike MK-CB05 off eBay. I didn't get any instructions and the company site does not provide any. The guy who sold it said it worked with his E-series camera and I don't doubt him. It's a hotshoe to hotshoe type. The problem is that when I use it the flash only offers me Auto and Manual modes - it doesn't offer TTL Auto. This is what you get when you use a camera without communication capability according to the FL-36 manual. I've continuity tested the 3 outer pins of the lead and they are correct and the pins are the correct pattern and spacing. However the main pin connection has an M7 diode wired in line - with the anode at the flash end, cathode at the camera end. Since it should really only be a through cable I can't think why this is there. I just wondered if anyone else had come across this with an off camera cable and had a reason for this.
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