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Re: The Peugeot Diesel Pollutant Saga

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
With such a small mileage, why not consider an electric car?

Having retired recently, my daily mileage averages 40 miles maybe. Picking up grandkids from school is most of that.

The electric car is cheap and clean to run. Limitations are range of course, and "cold" as you don't like putting the heater on!!

I also keep my RX8 for longer journeys.............

I don't buy the electric car concept, but I cannot argue with the economics for local travel.

How do you find it day to day?

If you charge it at (say) a motorway service station do they charge an arm and a leg as they do for petrol and diesel?

Can you charge it from a 16A socket or do you need a special charger in the garage?

Is there a problem with using a lot of heat in the winter, and does it have aircon for the summer.

I have seen a few low mileage Nissan Leaf cars for sale for about 3,000, plus 40 a month battery lease, which would be ideal for my wife, who only drives about eight miles each way to work.

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