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Re: I'll be the Judge

OM, Mike - thanks to you both for your useful advice.
In a draft preamble I have commented on the exceptionally high standard of work on display and the difficulty I had in selecting the winners, there are over 200 entries.
By mentioning lots of other noteworthy entries, would that not disappoint their authors for having 'just missed out' and aggrieve those that don't get a mention?
In view of the acrimony it may provoke I'm beginning to wonder whether I made a wise decision in accepting the role - the Post-Modernists in particular will HATE me!
Furthermore, I have entered four works of my own in the painting section which of course will attract the attention of fellow contributors who will be my judge!
The organisers have not yet announced who the judge will be but as soon as they do I expect to be "Googled", so I've added a photography page to my paintings website.
Of course I must exclude myself from the judging process no matter how tempting it would be to award myself first prize and pocket the money!
(and getting my face rearranged on the way out!)
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