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Re: Communal Dragonfly, Butterfly and Insect photo thread

Originally Posted by art frames View Post
I meant the EX25 extension tube, no glass. Those are the teleconverters.

I just tried the extension tube and the 50-200 and 70-300 and the quality is better with the 50-200 but I don't think it helps with the situation. The 70-300 was slightly more interesting. The zoom action brings a things into rapid zone focus and then the focus ring works with the focus peaking to enable rapid focus selection.

I use saf with mf to enable tweaking. On my quick play I just switched the lens to MF.

I will stick to my current set-up but if you have an EX25 then it may be worth a play. Not sure of the benefits against teleconverters. Not my area.
I also have the tube. I can't see it helping at roof level!

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