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Re: EM-1 MARK II review

Looking around the internet, it seems it hasn't been a great day for Olympus. The near universal reaction has been "how much? - they can't serious". Add to that a certain lowering of expectations compared to the launch hype (still concerns about CAF, IQ no better than Pen-F) and you have a spiralling negativity around the camera.

I feel for Olympus really. The R&D and production costs of the E-M1ii can't be any different from a D500, D750 or such like and yet because the sensor is smaller, the expectation is that it should be cheaper. It's as if the Olympus should be VW Golf pricing, not Mercedes pricing and no matter how close the Golf might come to a C class in performance, no-one will ever accept that you should pay as much for one.

I guess it's a problem for Olympus since there is still massive prejudice based on sensor size. Personally, I'm relaxed about that - but I must admit that I was hoping for improved sensor performance on the E-M1ii but unless something comes out on more detailed reviews later it seems it's not there.

For landscape shooters, it looks like we're essentially in the same position today as we were when the E-M5 was launched 4 years ago.
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