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Re: Isle of Fire

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
That's a nice shot Roger.

Thinking about it, the OM3/OM4 metering system was easy to use because it had dedicated controls in exactly the right positions on a camera that was otherwise very simple.

Finding space for additional buttons on (say) the OM-D-EM5 would be a challenge. Worse still, existing buttons could have additional functions assigned to them, which would not only make the system cumbersome, but would probably defeat the object of the exercise.
Thanks Nigel, if you they could allow the red record button to be programmed for multi spot that would be ideal for me since I never use video (yes, I know the button can be assigned to something else).

Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
Excellent stuff. Excellent camera.
Thanks! And agreed (about the camera).

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