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Re: New 35mm 'film' SLR

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Seems much more interesting than that stupid Yashica digital camera that uses filmesque canisters to change jpeg settings:

That's raised over $1m ! And it's pointless.
Quite right Paul. The 'Reflex' would not replace my digital Pen-F, I have become very attached to it However I do believe that I could be very tempted to run the Reflex and Pen-F 'side by side.

The fact that you can use a wide range of lens mounts on one body and the IMO 'brilliant' interchangeable film back that is no wider/taller that the camera itself adds real 'value' and 'usage' to this camera, plus it's a rather good looking camera too!

Olympus OM 21mm F2.0 , Nikon F 58mm F1.2 Noct , Canon FD 85mm F1.2L ..... all mounting to just the one same body. 3 or 4 film backs, Tri-X in one, Extar in another, maybe Pan-F and Velvia in another two ... change backs mid roll, then change back again, no loss of frames just like many medium & large format kits. H'mmmm ...... I like that

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