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Re: m4/3 lenses for IR

I also find the 17mm/2.8 ideal for those 25mm filters. Have you come up with a good way of holding the filters?
I have one ancient (?series) filter holder that they fit into which is fitted to a 37mm stepping ring but I've not found any others. Since I have half a dozen of these little glass discs a few more mounts for them would be nice!

While roses reflect quite a bit of NIR not all bright red subjects will. I've photographed a red Ferrari & found a few panels looked different in IR probably the difference between metal panels & plastic ones

The degree of NIR contamination varies considerably with camera model & of course it gets MUCH worse with a converted camera, often noticeable in artificial blacks. I've had some come out in brown or lilac while others stay black (the color shown is mainly dependent on the fabric & the NIR it reflects).
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