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Re: Escape from the Heatwave

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
Cool photos Mark, love the B1...……..
Thanks Mark.
Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I have a friend who lives an hour or so north of Sydney and he is sweltering right now with temperatures in the 40s. I might suggest he joins you - it's 40s here too, but Fahrenheit . That's one impressive phone camera you have Mark!
Your friend is right, Otto, temps are in the 40's over most of the country and are forecast to remain so for the quite some time. I'm not sure which is worse, 40C or 40F, both uncomfortable although 40C is the more dangerous a a number of levels. And yes, the phone does have a reasonable camera for snapshots, but as far as smartphones go the Samsung S8+ is among the worst I've had.

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