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Re: Power on, no screen

I have an E-PL5 on my desk at the moment, I can't see any way to disable the screen in the menus,
The only time I got that to happen in use was connecting the VF4 and pressing the button in the VF4 as the eye sensor isn't supported on this camera.

The only vaguely related thing I can see is there is a setting for the Backlight on the screen to dim when the camera is on but not being used.
To get there...
Press Menu
Press Down x3
Press Right
Press Down x3
Press Right
Press Down x14
Press OK
The options are top to bottom 8 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, hold (off)

The manual is here.

There is an old price list for Olympus repairs from July 2014 which lists a fixed price of 135.30 which is probably beyond economic.

I can confirm that if you take the battery out for a weekend then the camera forgets what time it is and resets most of the user settings.
I'm afraid I think you've had a screen failure or perhaps just a backlight failure.

If you are handy with a screw driver and are prepared to take a punt on an eBay part a new screen is available from China for 25 there are several suppliers this is just an example
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