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the 60mm f2.8 macro my thoughts

Here my thoughts so far with the Zuiko 60mm f2.8 macro lens.

This is a very sharp little lens and worth a try.

Sorry but this will be compared to my 4/3 fit Sigma 105mm f2.8

It is a nice size and is lightweight also it does not extend when focusing.

Handheld macro photography often needs speed!

At first the focus distance button seems like a great addition but for me it is annoying.
Why is this?
Put simply the AF hunts too much as I expected it would the Sigma does too. The real problem is the MF I have seen faster glaciers in fact so much it is a waste of time.
So then you try AF and rock well it is all over the place and with tubes the focus limiter is just annoying. Set it to 1:1 and move to have the subject nearly in focus touch the shutter release button and you off hunting miles away. Even if you have the centre focus point and place it on area of good contrast.

I can manage better focus more frequently in MF with no focusing as set on the camera (I have havent bothered since V3.0 firmware upgrade)

I tried to get the lens to focus on a small insect the other day and eventually I worked out I was too close but with good MF I would have worked that out faster.

The MF on the the Sigma takes about 0.75 of rotation of the barrel from infinity ti 1:1 the 60mm is 1.5 and feels disconneted. The 12-40 pro is about 0.5 of a turn in MF and is wonderful in MF.
As a note the best MF focus by wire lens I have tried is the 14-42 EZ.

With AF speeds to high WHY OH WHY can Olympus not gives better MF speeds or a way of adjusting them or a choice of frimware

UPDATE 24/09/15 Read post 14 to find out how I use the lens now as I am now getting it to work for me.

Just to show it is not all bad here is a shot with it

Bluebottle by Alf Branch, on Flickr
OMD E-M1 OMD E-M5II MMF3 12-40 pro 12-50 EZ 14-42 EZ 9-18 f4.0 -5.6 40 -150f4-f5.6 R 60mm f2.8 macro Sigma 105 f2.8 macro Holga 60mm plastic Holga pinhole lens lens and a XZ-1 Olympus - 35 SP Trip 35 Pen EEs OM2sp

I nice view does not mean a good photograph. My FLickr

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