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Re: Whats happened to the monthly challenge

My two penneth.

From my point of view its mostly about time, i would often have a germ of an idea for a particular challenge but would end up running out of time. also i feel the challenge is slightly restrictive in that your image entry would have to have been taken within that month.

If i were to change things i think then i would run the challenge like this

1 Open discussion thread at begining of year ( or end of previous) and set 12 challenges for the following year by puplic vote
2 start a competition image thread at the begining of the month and those who want to enter can upload thier image for puplic consideration (seeing uploaded images may encourage more entries)
3 you have three weeks to post your image, the fourth week is for voting by private email to the person who runs that months competition (previous months winner).
Obviously the first months competition will still require that you have a maximum of three weeks to get a suitable image but subsequent months will allow more time if you count from the beginning of the year.

this is my very simplified view of what i think may encourage more entries. What do other people think.?
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