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Re: Leica Elmar-r 100mm

Originally Posted by ludwig View Post
Don't suppose anyone on here can speak German?

This kind of sounds like the same issue - but Google translate is only so good so as to understand what's going on.
The ring with "Macro Elmar on it is shown as already unscrewed. (A gloved* hand was need to grip it hard enough).

* For this kind of operation, for removing filters jammed on lenses, etc. a supply of broad (say, 3-5mm) rubber bands to fit fairly tightly is very useful

Behind it (originally hidden under it) you can see a notch in the outer end of the clamping ring. This ring has to be loosened by unscrewing. It is not clear how you do this, possibly with a tool (screwdriver?) in the notch.

You then adjust the distance focus by pulling the end of the lens outwards, or in your case pushing it inwards, until focus (lens on adapter) is restored in line with the distance markings. You then tighten the two rings again.

That is my interpretation, not easy without the lens to examine.

Hope this helps. It look simple and well withing DIY skills.

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