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Re: Leica Elmar-r 100mm

Originally Posted by ludwig View Post
"The bad news is that the helicoid on the lens seems to need lubrication."

Thanks for the help Harold - it's really appreciated.

You say that the helicoid needs lubrication? How on earth can you say that without having the lens in front of you? Can you explain it to me?
My brain isn't making the correlation between lubrication and lack of infinity focus, especially given that the lens "feels" as though it doesn't have a lubrication problem (it feels fine to me - similar to that of my manual Takumar lenses, though maybe a touch stiffer). And as I said before, when in use the infinity indicator is aligned, this is when the lens stops rotating - just like my Takumar lenses do...

So where does the lubrication come into this?
I suppose it's hoping for the cheap option. When mine failed it would not wind back to focus further out than moderate close-ups. I'm wondering if a previous owner has forced it, making the alignment slip. In any case, it is a job for a pro and is likely to cost you upwards of 40, although they should take a look for free and give you an estimate.

You might find some expertise here but it it aimed at doing your own repairs.

Good luck with it.

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