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Re: M.Zuiko lens hood - confusion

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
Using pencil lead (graphite) on the lens & hood contact points helps a lot with the tightness of the fit & it is especially important to not let the 70-300 lens rotate when fitting & removing the hood (particularly fast) as some owners have had their lens motor drive fail on them due to that, but as Ian added, the 75-300 doesn't rotate (thankfully) which is much better (especially with polarising filters).
That's a useful tip Ross. I hadn't realised that the 75-300 doesn't rotate so it should be less of a problem.

I haven't used my 70-300 much since getting the 50-200 but, when I did, I always held the barrel of the lens when unlocking the hood in the extended position. Unfortunately, you can't do this in the stored position as the hood covers the barrel. As I aways carry the camera in a holster I never lock the hood in the stored position as it won't get lost if it undoes itself and falls off.

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