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Re: Thinking of buying a 70-300mm Zuiko


Got one coming from Digigood 245.00 +9.99 next day del,

Thanks for all the advice guys, very much appreciated,
Snaarman that pic looks great, I appreciate I'm not going to get razor sharp images straight from the box,I'll have to work up to that,but depending on how I get to grips with this over the week I'm going to head to Southport on Sunday for the airshow,or at the very least to the side of Blackpool runway to watch 'em coming in and out.

Just an additional thought,what kind of filters do you guys use on your lenses,I have a Hoya Skylight on each of my other lenses that came with the E-500 but I was wondering about the UV lenses, are they any good?,I believe they can reduce haze when shooting landscape,but are they noticable any other time ie can I leave it on the lens?

Thanks again folks
Kindest regards
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