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Re: Using an LED Ring Light as a Focus Aid

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
Since using a macro lens & experimenting with lighting, I have found the twin FL36R flashes work well but when the sunlight goes, it becomes a little hard to hold a torch as well to focus so the LED Ring Light came into its own very nicely for night macro photography when spiders start building their webs & other creatures happenings occur, allowing easy focus from the LEDs (they aren't sufficient by themsevles for the longer macro lenses).

This was used for this particular spider in this thread & proved very effective.

Let me know your thoughts.
Good morning Ross

That is quite a lighting set-up and from your linked thread it produces really great results.
I am not familiar with your LED ring light. I use the Metz ring light which is great except that I need to modify it to diffuse the light more. Any suggestions on this would be most welcome.
I take it your set-up is completely TTL controlled. I wonder if you could share with me the TTL settings for each channel?
Thanks for sharing.
Best Regards

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