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Re: How to achieve 'perfect' whites in Hi Key?

Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post
I haven't got LR - but in The GIMP using curves it is easy enough to get a white background without impacting on the other tones. Looking at the curves will show a peak on the RHS, fix a point just to the left of this and take the remainder of the line straight up to the top, this will give you pure white for everything to the right of the fixed point, but not alter anything to the left. Might well work in LR.

Nope, curves in LR are crippled, hey they still need to sell PS.

For those that want to know ( David) the nearest you can get to that, is to expand the Curve tone box to see the bottom sliders, you can now set the highlight limiter to a narrower section ( third slider on the graph moved as far to the right as possible) so only the very light tones are influenced when you adjust the highlight slider.

See below
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