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Re: Which filters for 7-14 pro

Originally Posted by Harbrimar View Post
Sorry to hijack & resurrect this thread but as my request is related it seems the best place for it. I have the same problem and looking for advice, just bought the Oly 7-14 2.8 Pro and unfortunately did not consider the problem with fitting filters to it. My Lee Seven5 filters are not suitable and so I will have to probably buy into 100mm range. I have done some research and apparently the Lee Olympus 7-14mm Pro Ring causes some vignetting below 10mm so that is not really an option. Other options, Phil Norton 7-14 adapter some vignetting if the holder is tilted, Shapeways Adapter which allegedly has no vignetting, PhotospheresG Filter Solution for Oly 7-14MM F2.8 Pro lens which Paul has recommended some time ago but the website shows it as sold out. There is also the STC Screw-in Lens Adapter for Olympus 7-14mm Pro Lens. This looks quite interesting as it uses 105mm circular filters. Does anyone have any experience with any of these solutions or indeed any others? If anyone is interested in the Lee Seven5 mount and filters please let me know.
The Lee Olympus 7-14 Adapter has vignetting problems when you tilt the filter, Lee confirm this on their web site.

The Phil Norton Adapter does not have the vignetting problem, see this web page for details.

p.s. I have a spare Lee Big Stopper if anybody wants to buy one at a reduced rate just drop me a PM.
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