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Re: Editing Challenge No. 4

Originally Posted by Willom View Post
I was really happy to see that an editing challenge had started up as one of my goals this year is to get my head around the editing side of things. This will give a bit more incentive to do so. So here is my first go:

A bit more understated than some of the others but it is my first go at seriously editing something. Ok, technically I've only processed the RAW file but baby steps. I am using RawTherapee as it is free and I run Linux but it does more than I could possibly hope to understand. If I find the time I might brave Gimp and start playing with layers etc. but, to tell the truth, I am more than a little terrified of that beast.

All comments gratefully received.

Hi Will

Glad you have joined in and hope others do too. As you asked I will gladly give you some feedback/encouragement. Firstly, I took the shot so have reasonable memory of what was there and is there quite often in the field behind our house.. So you have a very accurate rendition of the scene, and natural colouration of a hen pheasant. But I took the picture because of the atmosphere of the play of light and the frost. It was enough of a 'magical' morning to make me go back inside and get the cameras.

I freely admit that the picture taken doesn't give that and it takes a lot of work to try and push the dynamics, colour and composition all at once. And that is why I offered it up.

As suggestions I would say think about what you want to try to achieve (in terms of the composition - subject size and placement, and frame cropping, editing of parts you don't like; the image dynamic range and how high or low key you think it should be together with the treatment of colour). If you can imagine it then you can aim towards it.

Others have seen it as an opportunity to be creative and turn it into a grouse. So there is still a great deal that can be imagined. I had two very wicked ideas which I have so far resisted

What you have achieved shows promise. Working with your own image would be easier. But that is part of the challenge too. Plus you can always blame me for taking rubbish shots.

I hope this helps and encourages you to join the people who enjoy a good fiddle.
Peter (Art Frames)

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