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Re: Master of photography

Finally watched the first episode. I have never been to Sicily looks a fab place for photos as demonstrated in some of the shots. Would have been nice for the program to give a full run down of the kit at their disposal at the start rather than having to stare during shoots, unless I missed something.
I too liked some of the shots and the ideas behind them, I found some of the ideas very inspirational.

What did everyone think of the winning photos?

One thing I did find a little frustrating was the lack of emotion and suspense by the judges they were a tad drab.


Watched episode 2 that would have been a really enjoyable challenge. I was surprised that several photographers didnt grasp the rush hour street photography. Maybe it was down to nerves and time pressure although you would have thought the majority of contestants would be used to pressure. One of the ladies had a really good shot she was advised to use as her final image, encapsulating a moving crowd on the platform yet she chose the pedal cycle. It amazes me how different people have different perceptions of shots and when they explain the method and thought behind the shot such as the chap capturing the tube stairs with railings being used to symbolise a cell. I would never have seen that within the image.
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