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Re: Master of photography

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
Yes I'll certainly watch it and keep an open mind. The best bits of the first series were watching the contestants at work on each project, and the input from the external experts (who included the likes of Alex Webb and Bruce Gilden).

They just needed to shoot the judges.
Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
I'll watch the second series as the first one was enjoyable but I do agree with the above comments though that it didn't seem to educate (The BBC's "The Big Painting Challenge" was better in this regard). The judges should be replaced as they were worse than useless and in fact a hinderance; their comments were all self serving, impossible to achieve, and more than a bit up their own backsides. I would like to see the judges achieve what they demand and then I'll take notice. I would still reserve the right to wonder what recreational drug they were taking though when they spout such nonsense.
I rather agree with both of you
The Italian judge was just baffling I do not think he new what he wanted to see himself when he finished talking.
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