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Thinking of getting the EM1.

So I'm thinking of selling my E5 and getting the EM1. I have a friend who is visiting Canada next week so he can pick it up new for about 1100 euro, assuming he doesn't get stopped at customs.

I shoot mainly surfing from the land and landscapes/seascapes.
For those of you that have made the jump from the the E5 to the EM1 what have been the big pros and cons?

In terms of dynamic range and high ISO the EM1 wins, is there a considerable difference? Ive seen a few comparison studio shots but would love to hear real world feedback. Also how does the EM1 fair out with low ISO noise. I find the E5 a little noisy on low ISO. I also find the E5 with grip a perfect fit for my hands, how does the EM1 and grip compare?

My go to lens is the 50-200 SWD. That seems to focus pretty good on the EM1 from what I have seen.

I also have the
14-54 mk1
40-150 mk1 & mk2
8mm samyang
EPL2 & 14-42
Pana 20 f1.7

My E5 was bought new in Feb 2011 from Kerso and is in MINT cond with boxes etc. It has a mere 12000 shots, it unfortunately suffered a shutter failure at 10,400 clicks and I had the shutter replaced by Olympus UK, paper work to verify this. So only about 2000 shots on the new shutter. Roughly what do you think its worth? Just seen how much it will cost to change.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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