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Re: Advice needed for photographing GT and F3 cars

Fun fun fun!!

I would use E-400 + 12-60 for those in the paddoack area, go in close on detail of the cars or for getting pictures of people working on them inbetween races, try to catch candids of the drivers talking to the pit crew etc.

E-510 + 50-200 maily because if it is going to a dull day then the 50-200 gives you more aperature to play with. Go for the slow panning shots as the cars wizz past, try to find a corner some where, they can bunch up and slow down making it easier to get some action shots.
If you can get near or on the grid then the lens can be used to the the "close up helmet and consentration shot" of the drivers also good for getting the pit girls.

I think it is more a case of trial and error in these things, OH! one thing to watch out for is Marshalls. They are usually dressed in bright orange and if you get them in the picture they generally lead your eye away. I have plenty like that
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