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Re: Model shoot on Brighton Beach bandstand

Good move to rename this board; while 'Looking for Perfection' is what it's all about, 'perfection' is subjective, but basically this board is all about posting photos to generate third party constructive comment aimed at helping the poster to find useful advice on improving the picture where possible - or condensed down to one single word: 'critique'.

Don't be afraid to post comments. One thing that is undeniably true is that it is much easier to appreciate other people's work than to create your own. Your opinion is very useful. Without adequate feedback a consensus is difficult to form. Especially if you don't like something, that feedback is very valuable. Naturally, be as respectful and polite as possible when providing feedback.

For those wishing to post their images for feedback here - do be prepared for comment that you may not agree with and respect such comments as long as they are well meant and polite. If you feel you won't cope well with negative comment, then it's probably best not to post your work here.

Other advice - critique forums work best if you limit each thread to a single image (or at least one shot and maybe several different workings of that shot, or maybe several slightly different images). If you post several images in one thread, especially very different ones, it's difficult to focus on particular points.

Above all - image posters and commenters - try not to be put off!

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