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Re: Cockies in a Flame Tree.

Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
Lovely photos of the Cockies Ross. I imagine they can be really interesting characters to observe and photograph. Australia seems to have a much more colourful selection of birds than we have in the UK.

Thanks for posting.

Yes, they can be interesting & also quite destructive too. In reality they are really greater in number than would naturally be if it wasn't for home gardens with food sources, such as our citrus trees & passionfruit etc that they thieve frequently & of course, the bird seed feeders & some of them sound like they are saying "hello" too, so quite likely pet birds have been released or escaped as well. Really, it would benefit other birds if their numbers were reduced (one person must have done that in recent years when a number were found dead in the mid Blue Mountains area). But of course, there is that other inhabitant overrunning & ruining it for most wildlife that is the biggest problem, the human.

Originally Posted by Greytop View Post
You're getting some nice results there Ross, though really that small focus point should have been part of the E-M1 MkII armoury from day one.
Yeah, it works nicely & I wonder why it wasn't there to start with, other than a possible less reliable implementation to start with & so was decided to leave it out.

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
Love those birds.
Thanks John. Occasionally, during the middle of a warm day I have seen a regular pair quietly sitting up in the shade of a tree preening each other. When they are quiet, that is common for them to be found resting like that, thankfully. It's when they have young constantly squawking for food that less than kind thoughts come to mind. And even less when they chew on house timbers.

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