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Re: 15mm f8 body cap lens any one?

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
pdk42 if you halve the focal length you need 4x the MP to maintain the same POI and as 16 MP is a bit minimal anyway I thought I would stick with the 15 mm..just for a casual walk around holiday cam that fits the pocket ..It only cost me 3.46 as I found I had a lot of Nectar points from buying real Nikon lenses !!

Thanks petrochemist for the link ..good call
Huh? What's POI? Why do you need more MP as you reduce the focal length? Surely you chose the focal length for the field of view and then the pixels are the pixels! Unless you go heavily cropping then 16MP is plenty. But you can avoid cropping by using the right focal length. Or do you just want to take every shot with a fisheye and then crop as required? That's why zoom lenses were invented

Why are Nikon lenses "real" ?
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