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Re: Communal flowers, trees, plants and fungi thread

Originally Posted by art frames View Post
Lovely Rebutia Harold. I do enjoy your cacti shots.

Takes me back to my childhood. Dad kept hundreds of cacti in his greenhouse, many raised from seed as they were rare. He would have loved this one. I remember all of the care and time that raising and then keeping them in top condition took. But when a really rare one flowered it was very special. Especially as some lasted just a day.

The names and details escape me, it was his hobby (one of many) but I could appreciate the beauty and wonder. And visitors were treated to the sight of dozens and dozens of cacti in flower when that was very uncommon outside of nurseries and specialists.

I wish I could remember some of the names to even look them up now, but sadly not and pictures from his Zenith E never did anything justice!
Thanks, Peter.

Apart from the Epiphytes, my plants are almost all species but this is a hybrid, the exception being made for its flowers.

My collection suffered when I had to work very long hours over a flowering season three decades ago. Some plants still survive from 50 years ago, and others I grew from seed in the 1980s.

Yes, some only flower for one early afternoon, and that only in the spring.

I am getting in fresh plants of rarities I used to have and some new ones.

For flowers: Mammillaria, Rebutia, Lobivia, Echinopsis, Echinocereus, Notocactus, Parodia, Borzicactus, Cleistocactus, Aporocactus and the Aporophyllum hybrids.

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