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Re: Bigma and EM-1..??

I had one and it is capable of good images. Best to keep the sun behind you as the optical complexity means that it can suffer from a general loss of contrast (veiling flare). I made a circa 6-inch long cardboard tube to fit over the end and that helped. (The supplied hood is designed not to vignette at 50mm FL on 35mm format so is naff all use on micro-4/3. Even my cardboard tube barely vignetted on micro-4/3 at 50mm such is the diameter of the front element).

The AF is not very fast and, even on the EM-1, has the usual slight hesitancy. I couldn't track racing cars with it so had to pre-focus to use it. It's so big that I used it on a tripod with a gimbal head. Hand-held shooting would be a nightmare.

I sold mine when I got the PanaLeica 100-400mm . If you can afford the PanaLeica, go for that as it is in a completely different league. I don't miss the extra 100mm since I use long lenses for motorsports only and accurate tracking even with 400mm is very hard unless you wind the shutter speed up.

If you are shooting more static subjects the old Sigma may be of more use since it is optically pretty good and getting good lenses at 400mm or above is not easy. I've tried plenty of old manual focus lenses and not found anything that would beat the Sigma. For the price you are likely to pay for the Sigma now it can be a bit of a bargain.
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