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Re: EM1 MKII Lock Up

Oh dear. The symptoms you describe Chris sound horribly familiar. Something else to be aware of is that if you have changed any options (ISO, focussing mode etc.) since switching the camera on, when you resuscitate it by removing and replacing the battery the body will probably go back to how it was when you last switched it on.

There seems to be a new plague of lock-ups - when the E-M1 Mark I came out some people had no problems at all while others (including me) were plagued with lockups. Eventually after a lot of firmware upgrades and a replacement body they went away - but I got them again recently when using C-AF with the 300mm f/4. Upgrading the firmware in both lens and body seems to have fixed that, touch wood.

These problems must be very difficult for Olympus to diagnose. When I was getting lots of lockups in the early days of the Mark 1 I could never reproduce it to order. It would work fine whenever I tested it, and then wait for a critical point in the game before failing. Which is reminiscent of Murphy's Law:

The toast always lands butter-side down, except when required to do so to demonstrate Murphy's Law.

I hope they get it ironed out soon.

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